Do you want to create a better future for child victims? Through our work we support orphanages and create shelters for rehabilitation, medical care and education to save thousands of lives.

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Way of Mercy

Do you know that every 30 seconds in the world somebody is sold into slavery? Due to poor economic situation, thousands of kids become victims of trafficking, sexual and extremist slavery every single day in countries of Central Asia. We are working actively to stop that by providing shelter, healthcare, legal protection and education. Our mission is to give hope for better childhood.


Psychological and physical rehabilitation.


Save kids involved in trafficking and drug addiction


Helping kids to reach their full potential.


Happy childhood for all kids.

Together we can create a better future

Your donation helps us to create a better world for thousands of child victims. Our work is based on the principles of complete transparency where you can easily follow our work and read our monthly reports.  Regardless of the amount, your donation is there to save lives. Take part in making our world a better place together with the Way of Mercy.



April 6, 2019
The Charitable Foundation "Way of Mercy" held a carnival-fundraising event for children last
Saturday, April 6 in “Twin Cities”, Minnesota.
The mission of this event is to support children in Central Asia who suffer from poverty and hunger.
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With Your Help We are Making Difference

Sweet Dreams for Kids

May 10, 2019
Together with Foundation "Sweet Dreams for Kids" we helped children living in extreme poverty in Kyrgyzstan.
Our volunteers went to the rural area near Bishkek city to provide vulnerable families having many children with resources to meet immediate needs.
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