Help Orphans

It is easy to hear about the plight of the orphans or foster children, feel bad about
their situation and just move on with our own busy lives. However, it may be on
your heart to not dismiss or gloss over these hurting children. Can you imagine the
child pictured above sitting on your doorstep? Could you just walk past him into
the house and pretend like he didn’t exist. It is easy to ignore the problem when we
keep the issue at a distance. However, we need to understand that this is a real
problem with real live children…human beings…who need help. There are simple
as well as more involved ways to help with our nonprofit foundation Way of
A cause that is near and dear to our hearts is care for children who are lacking a
parent figure in their lives for one reason or another. Is it the child’s fault? No.
These children are misplaced from their homes for any number of reasons. Can
you imagine being pulled from your home and suddenly be in a strange new world,
sometimes with absolutely nothing? Children are taken into care for a number of
circumstances which include: extreme poverty of the families of origin,
unemployment, migration of parents in search of work, breakdown of the family,
family illness, domestic violence, substance abuse or the death of the parents. Most
of these children are placed in under-funded care facilities. Children who leave
institutional care are not well equipped for independent living; they often end up
unemployed or working in the informal economy.
Today, our wish is to bring help to NPOs and orphanages who are seeking to aid
kids in the foster care system in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
We started the NPO in 2003 and since then have collaborated with 118 orphanages
across the country and region, providing educational, medical support and financial
help for children.
In this “way of mercy” we desperately need your support in different ways such as:

  • Give financially to an organization and/or family.
  • Do it. God might be working on your heart to push you to care for some of
    these children who need a mother and father. Respond to what your heart is
    saying about the plight of these kids. You can become the answer.
  • Mobilize your church or community to respond somehow.
  • Do a virtual adoption. Adopt a kid or family. Our Fund is really in support of
    the concept of “orphan prevention through family adoption in distance” and
    “adopt kid in distance”. You can do it through our organization using
    website instruments. Go to Way of Mercy Adoption Exchange and visit the
    “Meet Waiting Children or Family” tab. Choose a child/family. Pick out
    their picture and we arrange even daily communication with them. Find out
    if it’s possible to send encouraging letters and gifts to your child. Tell people

about the child you have “adopted” and carry their picture. Your support can
make a difference and others might be inspired to help through your

  • Become a big brother or sister to kids in need.
  • Use a credit card that gives you cash back. Donate this cash to help an
    You can see that there ways to become involved so that your lives, and more
    importantly, children’s lives can be changed forever.

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