About Us


We are dedicated to saving children of Central Asia who are suffering from poverty, hunger, trafficking, slavery, and lack of medical and educational opportunities. We fight for protection of basic human rights. Our mission is to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice through creation of livelihood programs, providing medical services, school education. Our work is supported by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Our vision is that no child in Central Asia will ever risk becoming a victim. We believe that one day all children in Central Asia will have the opportunity to live in safety, attain an excellent education and have necessary medical service.
Way of Mercy aims to create life in all its fullness for every child.
Our vision is to implement sustainable programs for kids eradicating hunger and poverty, trafficking and slavery.


1. Orphanage 

Today we can shelter only 50 children in our current orphanage. We are gathering the funds to build another building that will provide housing, medical and educational facilities for up to 300 children (read more)

2. Education

Today our staff includes teachers to support education of elementary and secondary levels. Part of the teaching staff are employed by the Way of Mercy Foundations and others work as volunteers.

We have the program “Internet classes in all schools” that will prevent the lack of information of the modern world and provide online education to integrate children into new digital age with the help of computers and modern digital technology (read more)

3. Medical rehabilitation program. Our facilities include a medical center. Today one doctor and one psychologist are operating full time to support the children. Our goal is to expand our Medical Center and employ more doctors in a near future (read more)

4. Business program. The goal of our orphanage to become self-sufficient and support other shelters by raising our own food in our garden and agricultural lands. This gives us a great opportunity to educate the kids in questions of agriculture and have fun. We are aiming to build several green houses to expand our own food production (read more)

Help Children

Your donation helps us to create a better world for thousands of child victims. Our work is based on the principles of complete transparency where you can easily follow our work and read our monthly reports. Regardless of the amount, your donation is there to save lives. Take part in making our world a better place together with the Way of Mercy.