President & CEO: Alan Usenov, is founder of Way of Mercy and founding Director of “Ishod” nonprofit organization in Kyrgyzstan. Motivating and managing staff and volunteers, developing partners and stakeholders, “mentor” expertise, oversight of training and professional development of mentors and staff, development of partnerships and stakeholders.


Vice President & CFO, Treasurer: Illia Sievrikov, is founding Executive Director, past mentor. Expertise in organizational design and management. Experience with business training and consulting, completing CPA program. Webmaster and expertise in business partner development and coordinating.


Vice President, Regional Director: Ahmed Kaipov, is the founding Regional Director, past mentor. Expertise in mentor training development and implementation, mentor recruitment, and family leader training and support. Motivating and managing staff and volunteers, oversight of training and professional development of mentors and staff.


Director, Central Asian Programs: Andrey Barvenko, leads the Finance Team to help make sure all transactions, big and small, are accounted for accurately. Prior to joining Way of Mercy, he was also working in finance for over 20 years in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Director, Law & Judicial Analyst: Murzakmat Uulu Omurbek, is attorney who serves as Way of Mercy’s law and judicial analyst. He is responsible for research and analysis of legal and judicial issues related to children and the institution of the family.
He also tracks legislation and laws affecting these issues.

Director of the Kyrgyz Branch & Secretary:  Rebekka Mamadu, is the founding assistant Regional Director. Expertise and knowledge of public School policies, mentor. Expertise in marketing, publications, sales, MRO alumni Development, and public speaking/presentations. Family leader, fundraiser. She brings several years of development experience to charity: orphans support and the execution of various projects in Kyrgyz Republic.

Director of the Kazakhstan Branch: Mukhtar Beyshenov, is responsible for all Way of Mercy activities in Kazakhstan including media and public relations, internal communications and community relations to the orphanages of the Central Asia.

Director of Uzbekistan Branch: is education analyst for Way of Mercy, is leading expert of Central Asia on education issues affecting public and private education. For the last 10 years, he has held development leadership roles in the non-profit education sector in Uzbekistan.