Working together to build stronger communities.

Across our great country, Way of Mercy stands for the safe, prosperous, confident and happy community. It should be diverse society of different cultures, free of poverty and crime, providing a high quality of life for everyone that lives there. We’re not afraid to tackle some of society’s toughest challenges. All year long, our passionate staff, volunteers and incredible nonprofit partners collaborate to create opportunities for more individuals and communities to thrive.

Minnesota is home for several ethnic groups of immigrants, and Way of Mercy in partnership with Metropolitan Consulting Group and Asset Protection Services has conducted more than a dozen seminars for Russian-speaking diaspora from former Soviet republics, which represent several thousand people in our state, including refugees. Most of the events were conducted in public spaces, including local colleges, Maple Grove Community Center and Library, Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox churches, and other venues accessible to general public. We have conducted more than 120 personal consultations in APS office for Minnesota residents and helped numerous families who had no knowledge about their benefits and rights as legal residents. All of those services were free of charge, and we are proud of being part of this humanitarian and public service action for those in need.

We have been regularly helping those who need counseling on retirement planning, social security maximization, and guidance on applying for social security benefits. The founder of APS, Mr. Ken Holker, attorney and financial planner with 40 years of experience, and his team in Champlin, Edina, and Monticello offices, have educated our personnel including Alan Usenov and Iliya Sevrikov about retirement benefits, which majority of population are not aware about. We have also learned how to help people approaching retiring age to qualify for assistances, including spousal benefits and support widow(er) to save and grow their estate instead of losing assets. Our public service programs also covered large area of financial planning for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

We have been volunteering our time since summer of 2019, and APS was investing its own financial resources even to advertise our free assistances in media, including Russian newspapers and magazines. “Zerkalo” is a media hub in Minnesota has published several articles, interviews and advertisements about charitable services for Russian-speaking communities in Minnesota, provided by APS in partnership with us. Those publications include “Zerkalo ”magazine in February/March 2020,“ North Star newspaper in March 2020 and dozens other publications, including Russian “Yellow Pages” in press during the period of August 2019 – 2021.